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We wanted to create classy and comfy restaurants in Budapest where your can find an extremely wide range of breakfast and brunch dishes from all around the World. At Á la Maison we not only serve these dishes professionally, but created our own, unique versions - that is why we have guests coming back frequently to get their favorites here.

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  • Reggeli / Brunch
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1785 Google Értékelés

  • My absolute best place to have breakfast or brunch in Budapest. I have gone here too many times and never had a bad experience. The food, the service, the ambiance, all 5 stars, only thing missing on the menu is a bottomless brunch option other than that, I totally recommend. The price is also fair for the quality of food and service offered. It's kids and large-group friendly too..

    2022-08-08 09:14:29

  • Must be the best place for breakfast in Budapest :) The omelets, the coffee, the pancakes, the eggs benedict, everything were just outstanding. The beautiful Parisian decor, along with the exquisite service make this restaurant our favourite for breakfast in Budapest. Pricing is reasonable, tiny bit overpriced but the quality of the food balances the scale. Overall, our mornings were simply majestic due to this place..

    2022-06-03 19:32:25

  • If you fancy a french style breakfast & brunch, then this is the place. The food is okay, the interior is elegant and the staff is friendly even though I thought they were gona be pretentious, but they were nice, and the service wasn’t as terrible as I read in some reviews. It’s an expensive place compared to other brunch spots around. Now to talk about the food: the eggs benedict were good, although I still don’t know what that green sauce was. The waffle was sweet though. It was served with salty stuff so I didn’t really enjoy it. Overall, i didn’t have a bad experience but I probably won’t go again..

    2022-07-16 14:55:52

  • The brunch was lovey. I had the vegetarian breakfast which came with eggs, avocado, cheese, salad, fruit, chia pudding and bread. Everything was delicious. The only recommendation is to have some sort of a dressing available for the salad. Something very light which could be done ahead would be great. The bread seemed like a lift, crispy rye and it worked well with the eggs. My spouse has an omelet with smoked salmon which he said was very good. It just seemed a bit too expensive for what we had..

    2022-10-16 17:37:57