Képek a vendéglátóhelyről

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  • Excellent restaurant. Whenever we have the ocasion, we make a stop here. We do this for years, since it was open. The food and the service are great. They use a lot of their own natural ingredients: from apple juice to chicken meet. A very interesting business model, ranging from orchards to their own chickens and cereals. You can also buy a lot of very good stuff here, like excellent jams, sunflower oils, pasta, etc. Each visit to this place is a pleasure. We'll always stop here each time we pass nearby..

    2022-08-03 05:39:45

  • Great place , Tasty foods , Nice plating ! Overall excelent Service and Customer care !.

    2020-08-19 12:35:16

  • Alpacas in the garden, great food with both traditional and healthy options and great coffee, it is the best place in a far distance to relax and eat. With a child corner. Selling locally produced juices, jams, honey and toy alpacas..

    2022-07-18 00:18:56

  • Compliments to the chef. Nice service..

    2021-05-13 14:12:05