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Éttermünk a minőségi és ízletes marha -steak- húsok mellé ajánlja a világhírű magyar borászok kiváló borait és híres magyar pálinkafőzdék díjnyertes pálinkáit, melyek mindegyike méltán őrzi Magyarország szépségét.

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  • The restaurant has great aesthetics, the service was decent. We've ordered different steaks, but it seems the meat is Hungary is just chewy compared to the neighboring countries. Nevertheless they brought out the best from it, it was tasty, and it was cooked the way we ordered it: medium. Also the restaurant is a bit on the expensive site, but it was a great experience altogether!.

    2023-07-26 09:10:14

  • It was the first time we had been here. Since we live in the center of Budapest, we are used to the steak restaurants there, but this suburban steak house had a completely different atmosphere, more similar to American restaurants, by which I mean the offer and the environment. We chose Tatar beefsteak as an appetizer, and we asked for Dallas and Mississippi sirloin with fried sweet potatoes and steak fries as the main course, for which my partner drank red wine (unfortunately I had to skip this as I drove). POSITIVES: - The restaurant is open until 10pm, which in their case means that it is possible to order until 10pm, not that by 10pm they are already throwing us out of the restaurant because they want to close. We arrived an hour before closing and had the opportunity to have a comfortable dinner. - Delicious food, quality ingredients, good seasoning, large portions. - Large garden and interior, making it suitable for events with many participants. - Nice staff. - It’s easy to find a parking space near the restaurant. - Lower prices than downtown steak restaurants. - A large bowl of peanuts prepared as a snack on the table, which we really appreciated as we arrived terribly hungry. NEGATIVES: - Instead of salt and pepper mills, ground spices are made on the table, which would bother me less for other dishes, but I think it is unworthy of a sirloin. - The wine offer. There are only 3 versions of dry red wine, of which only one can be ordered per glass and not with a full bottle. Given that this is a steak house, it specifically surprised us. By the way, the house wine was okay. - One of the two sirloins was fried more than the baking grade of choice. The other, however, was perfect..

    2022-05-21 14:02:25

  • Aubergine creme and steak tatar was really good, the 350g sirloin steak was amazing. Beers are good as well, servers are really kind. Prices are high but definitely worth for the quality..

    2019-10-23 08:48:48

  • One of my favorite steak places. Great staff, very friendly and always looking to provide you with a flawless experience. Steaks are good and you can always expect the same stable quality..

    2021-08-05 14:47:57

  • The food is amazing and the portions HUGE. So be ready to let well and a lot. The structure is also good with a good thematic and facilities..

    2020-09-19 15:53:20