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A Glatt Kosher Gastronomic Fusion: Where Jewish and Hungarian Flavors Converge. Explore Budapest's Elegant 100-Seat Restaurant in the Heart of the Jewish Quarter.


Discover the essence of a glat kosher cuisine at Carmel Restaurant, located on Budapest's Kazinczy Street. Indulge in a delightful dining experience where tradition and taste come together, offering a memorable journey through authentic kosher flavors. Our dedicated staff and thoughtfully crafted menu ensure that every visit to Carmel Restaurant is a celebration of kosher delights

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  • I highly recommend the owner to give a raise to the amazing waitress Julya and her team! They kept up with all the tables and were quick. We were served with a smile, we had amazing food and two perfect steaks! And delicious soup! We highly recommend it. And we will be back!.

    2022-12-27 21:16:01

  • NB: BOOK A TABLE BEFORE We had such an amazing time. There was a lovely atmosphere with love music. Food was delicious and very reasonably priced. Wait staff were wonderful (although they went a bit sour after we send one dish back). Overall really enjoyed, will definitely go back again and 10% recommend..

    2023-01-09 21:20:43

  • I give it 5 stars relative to the other kosher places available in Budapest. Ambiance and staff were pleasant , the kreplach and French fries where unbelievably good. Didn’t love the meat blintz things. And the goulash, both lamb and beef where pretty good. We left very well fed..

    2022-03-10 13:49:16

  • Very popular kosher restaurant in Budapest, they are glatt kosher if that matters to you. Food is good (not amazing) with generous portions. I definitely recommend the goulash soup, which is a local specialty and very tasty (not the beef goulash main, which is a bit underwhelming to be honest). Really lovely atmosphere with live music in the evenings, the musicians take requests as well. They get very busy in the evenings after around 5, so you should reserve if you don't want to miss out. They speak fluent English and also Ivrit. The staff are very friendly and the service isn't bad. They also do shabbat meals in the restaurant for 15000 HUF per person which is pretty reasonable for an all inclusive shabbat meal. You can also order a takeaway to pick up on Friday from their main menu, which is what we did, as there is no eruv in Budapest and we had a baby with us..

    2023-02-12 16:10:32

  • By far the nicest kosher restaurant in Budapest. Book well in advance (and keep checking your booking is valid) because this place fills up quickly. We had a live band playing traditional music. It was all fantastic. The food is great too - thoroughly recommend the lamb chop, steak and burger. This will be at the top end of restaurant budgets in Budapest but is worth it for the full experience..

    2023-01-03 17:14:39