Cayman Étterem és Pizzéria - Információ és Asztalfoglalás

A Cayman egy igazi oázis a 13. kerület szívében. Kiváló ételek, kivàlò hangulat.


A Cayman egy igazi oázis a 13. kerület szívében. Kiváló ételek, kivàlò hangulat.

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  • Gyerekekkel ajánlott
  • Szabadtéri
  • Asztalfoglalás
  • Foglalás nélkül
  • Ebéd
  • Vacsora
  • Alkoholos italok

1158 Google Értékelés

  • Good ambience and quiet indoors. I tried the Cayman restaurant behind the Pizzeria. Food was excellent! I highly recommend the Chef's special Chicken Supreme in Hungarian style Paprika sauce with Bird Salad. The French crepes were well cooked and presented. The serving staff was unfriendly and that was the only downside of my dining experience..

    2023-10-08 23:28:02

  • Nice restaurant off the beaten path in Budapest. Stopped in here for a late lunch and was not disappointed in my meal. The staff were very friendly and helpful and they serve good food. I ordered a pizza and it was very well made and finom! Stop by for a bite you will not be disappointed..

    2023-03-07 07:03:58

  • Nice place, friendly staff. Food is tasty, but nothing extra ordinary. If you are hungry, it's the right place to solve the issue) They accept Szep Card..

    2023-06-08 17:42:47

  • Good food, good prices. There was live music, which was nice. Friendly staff so I can recommend it..

    2023-06-08 06:53:02

  • I live around the corner and brought guests for lunch. I think there was a re-style in the menu. I am very pleased Italian dishes were added. The look and taste of the dishes is of high quality, I think they improved from previous visits. Nice atmosphere.

    2022-12-05 16:45:36