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1617 Google Értékelés

  • A cozy place far from the noise of the city. You can sit both indoors and outdoors at the terrace. The atmosphere is really great. They have a good selection of drinks and food..

    2023-04-07 10:01:31

  • Been here a couple of times with colleagues and friends. Great place, nice atmosphere. There are some cozy booths if you prefer a bit secluded place inside the bar. Drink choice is solid and reasonable price! Food is good too. Burgers are especially. Sometimes if it gets crowded you may need to wait for servers a little bit, but nothing too crazy! Recommend!.

    2023-01-24 08:20:13

  • The place looks good. We had a fine hamburger, and there's a good selection of burgers. You can have beer cocktails, made from hungarian commercial beers, and that's a rarity. Next time we're going to try them..

    2021-09-16 10:50:33