Fuego Restaurant

A legjobb helyen vagy, ha egy ízletes sült csirkére vagy kacsára vágysz! / You found the best spot if you’d like to try a delicious roasted chicken or duck!

Éttermünk tökéletes választás, ha minőségi ízeket és kellemes, laza hangulatot keresel a Kazinczy utcában, a zsidó negyed szívében. Az ételek a hispán nagyszülők családi ízvilágát idézik, ráadásul csapatunk egy részétől akár spanyolul is rendelhetsz. Kóstolj meg nálunk egy ízletes sült csirkét vagy kacsát fűszeres burgonyával, friss salátával, krokettel, kalamárival, és persze a kedvenc szószoddal!


Our restaurant is the perfect destination if you’re in search of quality flavors and a delightful, laid-back ambience on Kazinczy Street, in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. We bring you the authentic family tastes inspired by Hispanic grandparents, and what’s more, from a part of our staff, you can even order in Spanish. Savor our delicious roasted chicken or duck, served with spicy potatoes, fresh salad, croquettes, calamari, and, of course, your favourite sauce!

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  • Házhozszállításg
  • Csoportoknak idális
  • Asztalfoglalás
  • Elvitel
  • Foglalás nélkül
  • Ebéd
  • Vacsora
  • Alkoholos italok

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  • Great restaurant along a hip street in Budapest. In general, the food was flavorful and everything was priced well. The chicken deserves praise for its tenderness. You also have to try their unique spicy blueberry sauce to accompany it. Lastly, the service was friendly and very fast—food was ready five minutes after ordering. Highly recommended!.

    2021-12-27 07:18:29

  • This restaurant went beyond our expectations! The food is all incredibly delicious and cooked to perfection, staff is extremely friendly and efficient, service was fast! All in all a 10/10 experience and I would 100% come back here when in Budapest!.

    2023-01-16 21:20:47

  • Delicious chicken and fries, a very good atmosphere I the middle of the party disctrict. It is pricy compared to other similar places in Budapest. Their cheesecake I do not recommend..

    2022-11-19 11:21:36

  • Great place for grilled chicken and duck. Tender and juicy meat. Order half portion if you come as couple Try the goulash soup. If you are a first timer to Budapest, this is a local cuisine that you should try. Here, the soup comes with generous amount of beef. The meat is super tender. The soup is yummy Definitely a must try place if you are on a short visit stay at Budapest Special note to the waitress that serve us for the night. Super friendly, super helpful in recommending what is good and super cheerful..

    2023-03-24 20:15:20