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  • I heard a lot about this restaurant and it didn’t disappoint! Homey yet chic place with great Hungarian food inside the beautiful Jewish quarter. Elevated classic Hungarian dishes with a modern touch and just absolutely delicious. Hearty portions for a moderate price. We were extremely lucky to get a table, so make sure to book one in advance! (The restaurant is often fully booked).

    2022-11-19 10:31:15

  • Recommended by some Hungarian friends, it didn’t let me down at all! The waiter was very caring and quick in responding to our needs. He explained dishes and gave suggestions depending on our tastes. I would say that one of their strengths are the desserts! One better than the others, we tried 3 of them and they were all amazing. The lamb as well was perfectly cooked and left us speechless. Highly recommended!.

    2022-11-29 23:45:18

  • Delicious food! The place is comfortable, the food is great and the staff are nice and quick. Location is easy to find. I suggest reserving a spot in advance. Very good Hungarian food, at good price. 3 people ate 3 main courses, 1 appetizer, 3 beers and 1 bottle of water for 60€..

    2022-10-06 20:55:25

  • Really tasty, authentic Hungarian food. The bone marrow and the goulash soup are legend. Our food came pretty quick despite a fully booked restaurant so a reservation is definitely recommended. Waiters are super nice. In the stew the meat was not perfectly cooked and we let the staff know. They canceled the dish from our bill, what is more, we received duck fat from the house. Top notch customer service!!!.

    2022-10-22 05:23:53

  • Came here for lunch. Didn’t need a reservation just walked in. Ordered bone marrow to start which was good. With a lot of garlic. The mains we ordered the veal stew. This was nice and tender. The side of cheese thing wrapped in bacon was also good. Would have been much better if the food was hot. It came out lukewarm. The beef stew was not as good as the veal. The meat dry. And the side was a bit bland. Service and vibe and interior were fine. But can do more with the food I think..

    2022-12-02 12:57:37