Gléda Vendéglő

Múlt század eleji vendéglő, klasszikus, házias ízekkel
A Gléda immáron több éve van jelen a budai vendéglátásban, 2023-ban ugyanakkor a szó szoros értelmében teljesen újjászületik. Hisszük, hogy tudunk Budán újat mutatni, ennek pedig kulcsa az a Gléda csapat, melyet a vendégek kedvelnek, szeretnek, akikre szívesen rábízzák magukat. De miért? Mert ez sallangok nélkül sokkal többről szól nekünk egyszerű étkezésekről, italozásokról. Deli János vezetésével egy varázslatos miliőt hoztunk létre, ahol a vendégeinkre váró pillanatok nem csak úgy megtörténnek, az itt felszabaduló és olykor pozitív értelemben véve elszabaduló energiákat összetereljük, és kihozzuk belőlük a maximumot. Így kapnak vendégeink jó érzésekkel teli, őszinte, igazi budai vendéglátást, ahol a vendégeket váró kollégáink ügyes varázslóként gondoskodnak arról, hogy a Gléda hangulata, a kedves gesztusok, a hangos tréfák, az érzések és ízek egy nagy csodává kovácsolódjanak össze a kezük alatt.
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  • Szabadtéri
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173 Google Értékelés

  • Very nice setting and friendly service. The place is out of center, but worth the trip. Very experienced management (4th restaurant they open), and it shows. House wines are very well chosen and reasonably priced. Fully recommend for honest and quality modern Hungarian food... Top for me in Budapest..

    2023-04-22 19:55:21

  • Located several kilometers outside of the busy city center, this place is a hidden gem. I originally discovered this restaurant in a guide book then read the reviews on Google and decided to try it. I'm glad I did as it turned out to be one of the best meals I had while visiting Budapest. The atmosphere has a casual feel with checkered table clothes and a large open space fitting about 30 tables. The service was excellent and and unpretentious. Our waitress was very helpful in accommodating my husband's allergy and picked a great bottle of Hungarian wine to pair with our meal. The menu is a modern take on traditional Hungarian dishes that are top-quality without the hype and difficulty of getting a table that comes along with being listed in that highly acclaimed red book. You know which one I'm talking about... begins with a M and ends with a star. I had the pumpkin soup, veal tenderloin and Rákóczi cake. My husband had the Goulash and pork shoulder. The soups were quite flavorful. I've posted pictures for your enjoyment. The pumpkin soup was poured over pumpkin seeds and ham (pancetta maybe) rolled with goat cheese. The soup had a nice creamy texture packed full of savory flavors. I ate every drop, even using bread to get the last bit from the bowl. The Goulash was what you'd expect and they provided hot peppers to spice it up to your desired level. The main dishes were presented beautifully and well proportioned. However, my husband's dish was definitely bigger than mine (which is why I was able to enjoy dessert). The venison tenderloin was cooked to a nice medium rare and paired surprisingly well with the Cumberland sauce (something that was new to me and had a very tart flavor). The pillowy gnocchi had nice caramelization on the outside but did not receive the pasta tough. I tried my husband's pork shoulder, which had a nice "chargrill" flavor combined with the paprika in the ratatouille which created a a savory bomb in my mouth. To be honest I was a little jealous of his dish. Lastly, for desert, I had a Rákóczi cake while my husband sipped on some 6 year tokaj aszú. I was not familiar with this type of cake but the waitress explained it was a traditional Hungarian dessert with cottage cheese. However, I wouod describe it as a tart shell filled with lemon flavored marscapone. To be honest, this was my least favorite part of the meal, but still quite good. It wasn't bad or anything, it just didn't "wow" me like the rest of the meal. Probably my favorite part of the meal was the bill. Two starters, two entrees, dessert, a bottle of wine, plus two extra drinks (Aperol spritz and 6 year tokaj), all for $32,400 Ft (about 100€). Service fee not included..

    2019-10-26 09:39:41

  • Very nice place, very good service. Portions quite small and prices over average. Not classic Hungarian dishes as other reviewed. Overall was a memorable experience..

    2022-01-21 20:24:20