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  • Well, we find this restaurant wondering around Budapest, having no idea what it could offer! We didn’t have reservation so we waited outside a few minutes until someone told us there are free table! The vibe inside is catchy, as they have a lot of space, good music and the seating is very antique like. The music was fresh and the vibe was very nice. The pizza was delicious and the drink, completely crazy! The staff was very polite and professional, they looked like flying between the table, doing their job very fast and in a very professional way which totally impressed me! It is a big expensive and if you want a beautiful experience, call before and book outside a table!.

    2022-08-01 09:07:00

  • Nice setting, service was friendly however we had a continual problem trying to get our waters refilled that could have been more prompt. I had a seafood appetizer of clams mussels and octopus which was good however the clams were extremely small as were the muscles. The sauce was delicious and the pizza bread that they provided along with the dish made for great dipping in the sauce. Also sampled the Hungarian goulash which was more of a soup very thin and I felt a little too heavy on the paprika but everyone else loved it. The margarita pizza that we shared had two leaves of basil on it which seemed a little skimpy. Desserts were good in particular the presentation of the meringue dessert also included a cloud of dry ice around the bowl which was very interesting. The bathrooms are in the basement so I don't believe they're handicap accessible..

    2022-11-27 18:48:48

  • This place is a must visit in Budapest. Nice staff , great food . And the vine cheaf made our visit two times.He is a man with knowledge not just about wine ,but Hungary too. Hope too be back here again.

    2022-03-19 19:35:01

  • On a busy night during the christmas period they catered to us and managed to find a table for us without booking. The food was very nice, and so was the wine. The outdoor seating is well heated and comfy with blankets..

    2023-01-17 15:00:07