Leroy Bistro

A Mom Leroy Bistro egy elegánsan laza találkozóhely Buda egyik legkedveltebb bevásárlóközpontjában
A Mom Leroy Bistro egy elegánsan laza találkozóhely Buda egyik legkedveltebb bevásárlóközpontjában, a Mom Parkban. A Mom Leroy-ban kötetlenebb módon érezheted jól magad, legyen szó akár üzleti reggeliről, kötetlen baráti beszélgetés közbeni falatozásról vagy akár vasárnapi családi ebédről. A klasszikus magyar fogásokon kívül grillezett ételekkel, széles sushi-, és borszelekcióval várunk. Mi itt vagyunk, nyitva vagyunk, gyere bátran foglalás nélkül is!
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  • Csoportoknak idális
  • Catering
  • Gyerekekkel ajánlott
  • Asztalfoglalás
  • Foglalás nélkül
  • Reggeli / Brunch
  • Ebéd
  • Vacsora
  • Alkoholos italok
  • Kávé

945 Google Értékelés

  • Service is good. Quite pricey. Restaurant is quite spacious. Food is okay but not too fond of their Bistro French “savory” toast. I like the mini brioche with strawberry and sweet curd cream cheese..

    2023-01-07 12:45:40

  • Delicious food! Great service! More expensive $$$! I can definitely recommend this restaurant in the case you are okay to spend some money since it's more expensive place to visit. Food was awesome, service likewise. They were treating us very good and even though we received different dessert than we ordered, they did not charge us for it and bring us the right one as well. Excellent!.

    2021-08-03 11:33:23

  • The food, service and ambient is perfect. Pretty expensive, but worth the price..

    2022-12-31 12:46:43

  • This was my first time here. It is little to say that I loved it. First of all, the ambient was amazing. I love the colours, the interior is great looking. We ordered some chicken breast and wok and food tasted very good. Our waiter was very pleasant and polite. Prices are not high at all. I would say they are definitly on a normal level. Definitly a place to visit while in Budapest..

    2023-01-25 16:35:56

  • The restaurant is excellent and beautiful, the staff are friendly and organized. The prices are reasonable and I suggest you visit this restaurant. You can choose this restaurant for formal or date. Playing music and a stylish and beautiful environment completes the enjoyable moments in this restaurant..

    2023-02-24 21:03:29