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A single sip of palinka already gives you the joy of discovery


A single sip of palinka already gives you the joy of discovery. But for deeper knowledge and higher enjoyment you need more. Tasting sequences, special palinka based cocktails and long drinks make this possible. In addition, special bottles of wine and beers are available on our drinks menu. To accompany the beverages you can also snack on one of a kind Hungarian cold cuts.

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  • Came here by chance and had a great experience. Tried the Premium Set and got some palinkas I liked, and others not that much :) After that requested some opinions on other good flavors and the quince one was well recommended and the pear also. Waiters really nice. Aszti and Kevin were great. I'll come back when at Budapest..

    2022-06-25 23:30:22

  • There is a lot more to Pálinka than you would think and I believe this to be the best place to discover it. Unfortunately the museum itself has seen better days, is quite small and doesn't provide with much information. But what the exhibition is lacking is fully made up for by the great staff so make sure to attend one of the tours! I had the opportunity to be guided by Kinga who made sure we had ample info about every aspect of the spirit and the making process. I loved the tasting and how Kinga was able to describe each of the different aromas I was made to try. Ask for the richer flavours of Apricot or Red William's pear!.

    2023-03-05 17:08:05

  • Unexpectedly interesting. It came included with another tour we had booked, but very glad to have visited. The tours are at specific times but you can walk around yourself, read the signage and ask the staff at the end if you have any questions (they were very helpful and knowledgeable)..

    2022-12-04 00:17:03

  • Flora and Kinga took us an exciting journey of palinka! Even before we began tasting anything, we were given a chance to smell many types of palinka - pear, cherry, apricot, grape, quince, and even ginger, carrot, and beet root. Even for the same fruit palinka, we were given the chances to taste palinkas from different distilleries to fully appreciate the nuances of the rich Hungarian palinka history. Thank you so much for a night of cultural fun!.

    2023-05-16 19:42:17

  • We went here on a short, guided tour hosted by the museum. The building itself is gorgeous, with exposed bricks and beautiful lighting. The tour was informative and fun, and the palinka we tried at the bar was way better than we expected. Very aromatic and smooth. Adam was our guide and also in charge of the bar, and he's extremely likeable and fun to talk to. We had many questions, coming from another country with a similar traditional drink, and he was great at answering them all. Would recommend to anyone!.

    2023-01-16 12:13:10