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827 Google Értékelés

  • Restaurant with a pirate theme. A little cheesy but alright especially because it is geared towards kids. Pretty good fried food and pizza. The schnitzel was crispy and delicious and it came with potato croquettes with apple filling. A little odd, only thing missing was powdered sugar and the side dish is dessert. Filling, tasty but lacks variety and nutrition. Essentially fast food. The pizza, Blackbeard's feast is very good. Generous toppings. One of the best pizzas I have had in Budapest. Thin crust. Slightly soggy from all the toppings but delicious. Recommended..

    2022-10-22 15:07:22

  • The restaurant is decorated like a pirate ship. You can find a lot of interesting elements from it. The staff is very friendly and kind. They came over to ask you how the food was and if everything went well. This place is absolutely good for family with kids. The seafood black spaghetti tasted great! The quality and the price are matched..

    2022-10-23 07:11:54

  • The staff were kind and attentive, we didn't have a reservation and they find a table for us to enjoy our lunch. The portions were large and the menu has a nice selection. The atmosphere and decoration are probably more family oriented but it's got an unique charm..

    2022-11-05 19:22:01

  • from a person who is very hard to please: it was very good! food came out super fast and it was a HUGE portion(i couldn’t finish it), the aesthetic of the place was great (good if bright lights bother you cause it’s very dim), very nice waiters, in my opinion the only bad thing was that the drinks were overly sweet (i just got a water & watered them down that way they are fully good. I recommend! Me and my boyfriend spent 15000 for 2 main courses, 4 drinks & 1 dessert..

    2022-08-27 20:55:50