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A Steam, Budapest lüktető belvárosában, a Szervita tér díjnyertes, egyedülálló építészeti elemekkel tarkított épületében lévő kult-hely, amely késő estig várja azokat, akik természetesen élik a nagyvárosi életet. A Steam Budapest Bistronak számtalan arca van, egy igazi nagyvárosi kozmopolita. Egyszerre kávézó, bistro és bár. Minden napszakban jó betérni, nem csak az étel-ital kínálat miatt, hanem az emberek társaságáért, akikkel itt összefuthatsz.

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140 Google Értékelés

  • ‏We ate twice at Steam. Both times the food was outstanding. An amazing combination of modern and traditional cuisine with outstanding flavors. The service is excellent and the waiters are courteous, knowledgeable about the menu and know how to accurately combine the drinks with the dishes. We had a great time and will definitely return on our next visits to Budapest. The attached photos are only some of the dishes we ordered and I managed to take..

    2022-11-13 21:02:23

  • The place is great, there is enough space and air, it was not crowdy at Saturday evening, the interior is modern and fancy with very high ceilings. The food is gourmet, but the portions are big enough, the prices are not higher than most of the places in the touristic part of Budapest. Our food was incredible, only the dessert was not so high level. Great restaurant that should be visited!.

    2022-12-03 22:50:21

  • Absolutely wonderful. From the lovely string group playing all types of music in the background, to the fantastic servers everything was perfect! The apricot gazpacho was a wonderful surprise with fennel that kept the apricot from being cloying. Served cold as it should be. The duck appetizer flavors were well balanced with the pastry. The entrees, lamb and duck breast were cooked perfectly and paired well with the sides and the wines recommended by the server. The cream brûlée was a perfect cap to a perfect dinner. Our servers were great, they were right there when we needed something but not overbearing. And one server was so kind to catch us after we left to return my scarf. Altogether a spectacular evening..

    2022-10-17 19:24:14

  • Nice location and beautiful interior, very elegant. I also like the live music on a Monday evening. Very classy. The service was excellent. Nice wine recommendations, and friendly staff to have a small talk. The food was good, tho the dishes did lack some seasoning. I ordered the beef tartar, which came with warm bread, paired with Hungarian white wine. Then I've had the duck breast, which I found lacking some seasoning, paired with Pinot Noir. As dessert, the lava cake, but missed the sour cherries as described in the menu. I might come back again, but it is a little bit on the pricier side. 70 euros on my own..

    2023-05-22 21:49:52

  • We had a very good time at this restaurant its beautiful in the inside and has a really enjoyable atmosphere. The food was amazing.

    2022-09-23 20:09:18