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Tapassio was created following our passion for Spanish tapas.

We are not a traditional Spanish restaurant though, since we are offering also Hungarian, Italian and other Mediterranean dishes in tapas size.

When placing your order please consider that unlike in a usual restaurant we suggest ordering for the entire table and sharing it family style.

Sharing tasting size dishes has always been part of the dining culture of the Mediterranean. In Spain they call it tapas, in Greece you can find it in the ouzeries, in the Middle East you can enjoy their so called meze. Sharing dishes helps strike up conversations and create memorable evenings amongst friends.

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  • Very welcoming and friendly staff, they made us feel at home from the moment we stepped inside. Even the interiors of the restaurant create a warm vibe and inspired us to stick to all Spanish food and drink even though they had small plates of Hungarian, Middle eastern & Turkish items on the menu. We ordered Sangrias, Gambas Al Ajillo, Padron Peppers & a Basque Chocolate Cheesecake. The portions are pretty small, but made well and tasty. This worked out for us as we weren't too hungry. The restaurant was pretty busy, but service quick as compared to most restaurants in Budapest. As soon as we were handed the menus, we were asked if we were experienced with Tapas which I thought was really nice as you never know who may need a little help understanding. In keeping with tradition, we were served one Tapa, crispy toasted thin bread slices with mayo, on the house and another small basket of fresh bread slices was provided on request & not charged. And a special mention to the cocktail skewer in our Sangria, those frozen apple slices were really good..

    2023-11-06 08:11:29

  • The food was amazing! The staff was friendly. We chose 'we trust the chef'. You get 3 rounds and 3 dishes per round. And after that you get dessert. I really recommend eating here! I have pictures of 2 rounds, I don't have a picture of the other round. And the dessert..

    2023-11-17 23:37:49

  • Spanish type of a restaurant with tapas in the center of Budapest. Good food, nice atmosphere but a bit overpriced. Tapas are small meals so order several of them and share them between friends to taste more of the options from the menu. Overall good experience although according to me you can't really compare it with similar restaurants in Madrid or Barcelona..

    2023-08-23 20:43:07