Veranda Restaurant Pasta and Pizza

Elképesztően finom ételek a festői dunaparton

Elképesztően finom vékonytésztás pizzák, tészták, saláták, házi limonádék és isteni desszertek a festői dunai környezettel megáldott Kopaszi-gáton déltől estébe hajlóan, a hét minden napján. Baráti találkozók, születésnapok, családi összejövetelek, munka utáni beszélgetések tökéletes találkozási pontja. Ez a Veranda!

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1609 Google Értékelés

  • A very cozy Italian restaurant right next to the Danube, with a spacious terrace and a separate Italian ice cream parlor. Overall, it was a pleasant experience, but the food (especially the mussels in tomato sauce) was horribly salty. The drinks were delicious and I especially liked that the lemonades contained real fruit to match their flavoring. However, unfortunately, the service was not outstanding. Our waitress was bored and answered our questions about the food and drinks incorrectly, so even though we asked for her help, we ended up with a different drink than what we wanted because she misinformed us. In addition, it was unpleasant that a group of children were constantly racing back and forth with scooters on the wooden boards next to our table, which was very loud, but of course this is not the fault of the restaurant..

    2022-07-29 18:06:05

  • Cute little spot we went for lunch. It's so quiet and picturesque on the patio. We sat there today and it was just awesome. Our server was amazing and the staff were incredibly nice. Food was pretty quick and delicious. Again, if the weather permits sit outside and enjoy the beautiful views and amazing food. Big thank you to our server!.

    2023-03-31 22:37:19

  • For those who love Italian food, this is the right place for them. Wonderful atmosphere, nice waitress and marvelous food especially for those who cares for Halal food. If you ever visit Hungary, i advice you to include this spot in your plan..

    2023-04-29 17:11:27