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What is ReservOurs

Online Reservation system

User-friendly, convenient, fast interface. Easy to integrate to your website, facebook or tripadvisor


Automatically answers your guests' most common questions from gluten free meals to special offers

Marketing software

Notify your guests quickly, simply, and automatically about the latest menu, drink list or offers

Why a booking system is useful?

Improves customer experience

Many people do not like to book on the phone because that is noisy or during peak hours it is inaccessible and would rather be book at some other restaurants. With ReservOurs they can book anytime quickly, simply

It simplifies your everyday life

After the introduction of the booking system, the incoming email, phone, facebook bookings will come at one channel, so you don't have to watch everything all the time, just at the online booking system

Maximize your utilization

The best booking systems help you to avoid an empty tables and even to refill your restaurant several times a day

At any restaurant

Weekly events, terrace and gallery? ReservOurs helps you to manage your bookings, with a transparent overview page, so you always know what is happening at your place

ReservOurs solutions

Terrace or gallery? Dinner or cocktail?

You want to know the company of 10 people will have dinner or just have a drink? ReservOurs automatically manages this for you and for your guests

New Year's Eve, concert or wine tasting?

You can create a special events for your guests, so they can book a table from your facebook or website with two clicks

Would you like your guests to come back more often

You can easily build a newsletter with ReservOurs, so you can send personal letters to invite them back

Automatically in 9 languages

the reservation system is automatically displayed in your guest's language

Easy integration

For any website, whether custom developed or wix, Easy to install booking module. Facebook pixel and googly analytics support!

0/24 support

Phone and chats are available anytime, if you have a question or request

Automatic notifications

to let you and your guests know everything


Booking stats that help your growth

What is a chatbot?

Chatbot is an advanced software that is able to answer questions automatically on the facebook messenger.
If someone is wondering what the menu or special offer is, maybe if the site is dog friendly, the chatbot will automatically respond.
Unlimited such response can be set, so your guests always they get the information they need quickly

Screen demo

Why is a chatbot useful?

How does it help restaurants?

Instead of the restaurant manager, it will automatically and promptly respond to what is so common questions about whether you can reserve a table or have vegan food and hundreds of others

Why is it good for guests?

They will receive prompt and detailed answers to their questions instantly

How does it relate to bookings?

Reminds the guest prior to booking and suggests an itinerary. Afterwards, they will either ask facebook or tripadvisor ratings from your guests

ReservOurs solutions

Automatically in 9 languages

Whether you have a Hungarian or French guest, the chatbot will answer in their own language

News from the chatbot

You can send your news to your guests by the chatbot

Encourages table reservation

Redirect the guests from the messenger to the online interface to make it easier to track bookings

Special offers

Your guestsare automatically notified about the special offers

How does the ReservOurs chatbot work?

10 / month


  • For unlimited users
  • Unlimited custom response
  • 9 supported languages
10 / month

Foglalási rendszer

  • Wix/Joomla/Facebook support
  • 24/7 Support
  • High degree of customization

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